"Promoting Excellence in Education"

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Carroll Clark - Child Study Team Coordinator
Mrs. Faulkner
Ms. Haugk
Mrs. Dudas
Miss E. Dunbar


John Nittolo, Superintendent - jnittolo@greenhills.org

Seth Cohen, Principal - scohen@greenhills.org

Seth Cohen, Vice Principal/Coordinator of Instruction - scohen@greenhills.org

Sue D'Amato, Superintendent's Secretary  - sdamato@greenhills.org

Aggie Amorosino, School/Principal's Secretary - aamorosino@greenhills.org

Nancy Usinowicz, Transportation Coordinator - nusinowicz@greenhills.org


MAINOFFICE  - mainoffice@greenhills.org

Janice Lawrey, Elizabeth Meceli




Pat Donahue - pdonahue@greenhills.org



Pam Houskeeper, Coordinator/School Social Worker - phouskeeper@greenhills.org

Carroll Clark, School Psychologist - cclark@greenhills.org




Steve Bird - sbird@greenhills.org

Cathy Bodner - cbodner@greenhills.org

Jon Paul Bollette - jbollete@greenhills.org

Dawn Casendino - dcasendino@greenhills.org

Patricia Cozzarelli - pcozzarelli@greenhills.org

Connie Dudas - cdudas@greenhills.org

Elizabeth Dunbar - edunbar@greenhills.org

Barbara Edwards - bedwards@greenhills.org

Catherine Egan - cegan@greenhills.org

Mary Faulkner - mf@greenhills.org

Mary Fox - mfox@greenhills.org

Sandy Franciosi - sfranciosi@greenhills.org

Susan Hildebrant - shildebrant@greenhills.org

Chris Hitzel - chitzel@greenhills.org

Beth Holley - bholley@greenhills.org

Katy Lederhaas - klederhaas@greenhills.org

Eileen Maffei - emaffei@greenhills.org

Brian Martin - bmartin@greenhills.org

Kerstin Martinka - kmartinka@greenhills.org

Janis Martz - jmartz@greenhills.org

Kelli McKeown - kmckeown@greenhills.org

Beverly Meyer - bmeyer@greenhills.org

Maryann Meyer - mmeyer@greenhills.org

Susan Miller - smiller@greenhills.org

Diana Minervini-Hayde - dminervini@greenhills.org

Sam Morales - smorales@greenhills.org

Laura Nasto - lnasto@greenhills.org

Kerry Ann O'Connor - koconnor@greenhills.org

Jennifer Richardson - jrichardson@greenhills.org

Deborah Ronsini - dronsini@greenhills.org

Louis Rossi - lrossi@greenhills.org

Kim Scudieri - kscudieri@greenhills.org

Deborah Simmons - dsimmons@greenhills.org

Lisa Sprofera - lsprofera@greenhills.org

Susan Stobie - sstobie@greenhills.org

Patricia Treible - ptreible@greenhills.org

Beth Voris - bvoris@greenhills.org

Dara Wohl - dwohl@greenhills.org