2016 Field Hockey!!!

Thank you team!!!  We had a lot of fun with you all and Mr. Scott and I are so proud of the teamwork, leadership, sportsmanship and improvement you displayed throughout the season!!

8th graders, we wish you well and will miss you all more than you know!!!  5th, 6th and 7th graders, we can't wait until next season!!  The future of Green Hills Hockey looks bright!!!!

And THANK YOU to all the parents who cheered us on and provided goodies for the team!!

You're Late!!!  If you didn't hand in your uniform before or at the field hockey party, you're late handing it in!!!

Hand in your uniforms and borrowed equipment! Place uniforms in a bag with your name on it.  Please give them to either Ms. Ronsini or Mr. Scott. :-)

Practices are mandatory!  If you must miss, please tell Ms. Ronsini or Mr. Scott!!!  We NEED you there!

If you are involved in other after school activities, you are expected to split your time between the 2.  Example: If you are on the field hockey team and in band, you should go to band for 1/2 the time and then come to field hockey.  All the teachers and advisors are flexible and will work with the many different schedules.  You are important, and we all want you there :-)

If your child has not been cleared to play their physical needs to be brought to the school doctor ASAP.  Any questions please contact Mrs. Donahue at ext. 215.

You need your emergency contact form handed in, in order for you to play in the games.

A note about safety goggles: Eye protection has been mandatory at the high school level for a few years now.  The rule has trickled down to the middle school level.  Each player needs to wear eye protection when on the field. The most common goggle is a wire cage the covers the entire eye socket area. They may be labled as locrosse goggles at some stores.  Prices will vary... usually 24.99 and up.  They can be purchased at most sports equipment stores such as Modells and Dicks Sporting Goods.  I have also seen some really good "package deals" at these stores. (stick, stick bag, goggles, etc. all in one purchase for a decent price)